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web application single sign-on (SSO) market continues to carry a great deal of momentum as it moves forward in the identity management space. As more IT organizations shift their applications to the cloud, first generation Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solutions remain a common consideration. In a crowded market, Okta® appears to have emerged as one of the market leaders. But with Google®, Microsoft®, Amazon®, and many others also interested in the web app SSO market, an Okta® comparison could help shed some light on the bigger picture.

Web App SSO Meets Vendor Lock-in

Web App SSO Meets Vendor Lock-inThere’s no doubt that all of the major tech titans are eyeing the web app SSO market as a lucrative vantage point for the identity management space. The underlying motive for these tech titans is that by controlling an organization’s identities, they will simply have a better chance at selling them more products. That’s really the bottom line. These major companies are looking to integrate organization’s identities with their own products and services to incentivize customers to stay with them for more solutions. It’s like receiving catering, but without a choice of caterers.

A good example of this close-knit product integration is the SSO and user management solution, Azure® Active Directory®. Azure AD is tightly integrated with Office 365™ and Azure infrastructure. So, if you want to use AWS® cloud infrastructure along with Azure AD, you are basically out of luck—naturally, you’ll likely need to create a separate directory service at AWS.

Rest assured that with AWS, you can certainly do that. In fact, you’ll have the choice of about five different identity and access management solutions on AWS. Once you find the right one that fits your needs, you’ll quickly learn that it really only works on AWS, and not with Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP). See how that would play out?

Beyond an Okta Comparison

SSO is only one part of an overall identity management strategyWell, the good news is that a third-party web application solution who remains independent from infrastructure solutions will work with a wide range of web applications. The (Read more...)

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