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SBN Join Fortinet at the 2018 AWS New York and Chicago Summits

Businesses and organizations across industries are rapidly incorporating cloud-based services, infrastructures, and applications into their networks in order to better meet consumer and end user demand for greater connectivity, convenience, and immediate access to data. Cloud adoption also provides businesses and organizations with the capability to facilitate growth and scalability at a rapid pace. However, in today’s progressively complex and expanding threat landscape, many are left wondering if this shift outside of the traditionally-orchestrated security perimeter has left them vulnerable to new cyberattacks.

With worldwide cloud spending estimated to exceed 141 billion dollars by 2019, cloud adoption across industries is clearly here to stay. However, in order to reap the benefits of cloud adoption without compromising their security posture, IT personnel need to ensure that they have the capabilities and solutions in place to not only effectively monitor, identify, and mitigate cyberthreats across their various cloud providers, but to also seamlessly merge that capability with their existing security infrastructure.

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To help organizations better understand and address the challenge of developing a single, integrated security effort that spans into the cloud, Fortinet is excited to join other leaders in the cloud computing community at the AWS Summit New York and the AWS Summit Chicago.

Fortinet at AWS Summit New York and Chicago

The goal of the AWS Summits is to facilitate a better understanding of AWS in today’s modern digital landscape by connecting the cloud community with leading technology providers and consultants to provide critical AWS education and solutions. Attendees can participate in a variety of technical sessions, team challenges, talks, and workshops which offer a variety of technical learning opportunities, as well as tour the AWS Partner and Solutions Expo to talk with leading cloud solutions providers, demo new products, and plan how to most effectively expand their cloud strategy.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing businesses and organizations with the solutions they need for effective cybersecurity, Fortinet will be attending the AWS Summit in New York on July 17 and the AWS Summit in Chicago on August 2. At both events we will be showcasing our latest cloud-based security solutions along with our Fortinet Threat Map, while providing attendees with a variety of hands-on product demonstrations.

AWS Summit New York

Where: Located at Booth #239, Javits Center, New York

When:  July 17th, 2018

AWS Summit Chicago

Where: McCormick Place (West Building)

When: August 2nd, 2018

The Importance of AWS Cloud Security

Today, cloud security is a shared responsibility. Providers like AWS are committed to securing the cloud environments that they provide to organizations. However, the responsibility to secure what’s inside the cloud still falls on the shoulders of the organizations that leverage those services. Which is why, with an estimated 83 percent of enterprise workloads expected to be kept in the cloud by 2020, organizations need to ensure that their cloud environments are secure.

This responsibility is not limited to those managing network security efforts, either. New York’s Department of Financial Services, for example, issued a rule which took effect in March that requires banks to have a board chair or senior officer certify to the state that their business meets newly issued cybersecurity requirements. Given how common it is to hear of major cybersecurity breaches today, organizations need to take serious steps to update their security posture in preparation for today’s cloud-based threats.   

Securing the Cloud for Today’s Modern Cyberthreats

In order to properly secure AWS cloud environments, especially as users transition between web and mobile interactivity, IT personnel need to adopt solutions that can scale to meet the elastic workloads introduced by cloud services. Additionally, it’s important that the following cybersecurity best-practices be implemented to ensure organizations can maintain effective security posture into the cloud:

Merge Disparate Vendor Products: The vast majority of today’s enterprises are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, leveraging a variety of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS solutions from a variety of vendors. In order to properly carry out cybersecurity efforts, these multi-cloud environments need to be connected and managed under a single-pane-of-glass for consistent visibility and control.

Cloud Environment Segmentation: In order to ensure that cloud environments are appropriately secured, IT personnel need the capability to segment key areas within their cloud environments in order to mitigate the impact of a successful breach and prevent bad actors from accessing sensitive areas and critical data and other resources within the environment.

Implement a Security Fabric: By merging both physical and cloud-based cybersecurity solutions into an integrated, automated Security Fabric, cybersecurity personnel gain the capability to correlate threat intelligence, identify threats, coordinate resources, and automatically respond to attacks regardless of where they occur across the distributed network.

In an effort to secure today’s dynamic and complex AWS cloud environments, Fortinet’s next-generation firewall (NGFW) offers seven unique Security Fabric offerings for AWS cloud security, providing layered network security, threat detection, and protection across an organizations’ physical and cloud-based networks. And for those organizations that are also adopting a multi-cloud strategy, Fortinet is the only vendor to provide NGFW solutions that secure all five of the top public cloud environments—all through a single, centralized management and control station.

By extending best practices into and across their cloud security efforts, organizations can reduce the human and financial overhead often associated with cloud-based solutions. Additionally, by leveraging industry-leading cybersecurity solutions, organizations receive incomparable gateway protection across each Availability Zone, helping to provide scalable protection that facilitates future growth. 

Final Thoughts

Fortinet is excited to join other cloud-computing experts at the AWS Summits to demonstrate our latest innovations in cloud-based security to help organizations like yours prepare for today’s modern threats as you adopt and expand your cloud-based services.



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