How to Make Employees Happy

So, I’m going to deduce that you are interested in making employees happy. You should. It increases productivity, improves security, and greatly reduces successful social engineering attacks. A quick logic check and I think it’s safe to say then that happy employees means happy management.

But… you won’t like this. You won’t. It’s not exactly common-sense stuff. Actually, some of it is the exactly opposite of that. It’s uncommon sense, which not ironically, most people don’t have. So, if you finish this article at all it’s because you were curious about how much more wrong I could be. But I’m not. It’s all science.

That’s not to say science isn’t sometimes wrong (it’s not, I’m just placating you) or that employees must be happy (they should, me placating again), but if you follow this advice you’ll find their happy place at work for them. And as I said before, science says you’ll also make your company more productive and more secure against online attackers and social engineering fraudsters.

That’s three awesome benefits for the price of one! That’s like throwing a crazy wild birthday party for one friend and in the process also trapping those two nasty raccoons that keep sneaking into your kitchen to lick your apple chips. Three benefits out of one! True story.

Why does it work this way? Well a lioness’ share of company attacks focus on abusing trusts. Whether it’s phishing, banking fraud, social engineering, or attacking third-party access, all are trust abuses.

Because they mostly work. Here’s why:

People are designed to trust in illogical ways that are highly impressionable and highly immune to helpful security barriers. We don’t let good sense and good security get in the way of our trusting! So, the relation between trust and security is well founded and well (Read more...)

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