How to Hire a Cybersecurity Professional

Back when I was working in Animal Control for the city of Lake George we had a saying: “only the people who really love animals should work in animal control.” And I feel the same about cybersecurity.

We had this guy, I’ll call him Anthony for no reason at all, and man he got frustrated with those animals. One night I get this call over the radio that the shelter is in lock down. So, I race over there and Anthony is freaking out! He didn’t know raccoons could open latches and they escaped the enclosures and opened up a bunch of others. There were raccoons everywhere!

Anyway, while he was trying to get them back in cages, they of course kept getting out. The more they resisted the more frustrated he got, and the less control he had over them.

The problem is that for him, it was just a job. He didn’t love animals and didn’t love what he did. And it showed whenever something didn’t just work out for him. He would get frustrated and he’d lose control over the whole situation.

I think to this day he absolutely hates raccoons. I don’t get it. This story was about Anthony, not me.

So, what do you think happens when you hire somebody to work in security who doesn’t love their job? The same. The more things don’t work out, the more they lose control over the situation. That is not someone you want working cybersecurity. You don’t need some Anthony in there when breach time ticks.

Back in 2001 I ran into this problem when starting a cybersecurity team for a bank I refuse to give any free marketing to. The bank wanted to hire internally, so we sent the message out and fielded about three (Read more...)

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