For Better Civil Discourse: Watch and Learn from Tim Tebow

“Can’t we all just get along?”

Those famous words by Rodney King during the L.A. riots in May 1992 are still being asked today by millions of Americans who long for a more kind, productive civil discourse.

Recently, the heated words and actions from those on the left, right and center of politics seems to indicate that the name-calling and harmful rhetoric is getting worse — not better.

Here are some recent news media headlines to prove my point:

The National Institute for Civil Discourse

There are several excellent organizations that work hard every day to encourage more civil discourse. One helpful organization with resources to help is the National Institute for Civil Discourse at the University of Arizona. The center is a nonpartisan center for advocacy, research and policy.  

They also offer several personal challenges to take action like a “7 Day Civility Challenge” and a “Pledge to Revive Civility.” They also highlight actions items for elected officials and in Congress and state legislatures.

There are also other groups like that offer suggestions under #revivecivility that offer suggested actions for campus groups. Articles from left-leaning The Huffington Post to the right-Leaning National Review also give heart-felt pleas for more civil discourse.

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