Scam – What Is It?

This article will help you find out what is scam, how you may have come across it and why you should avoid it as a general rule of thumb. You can check out the removal instructions provided at the end of this article if you think your PC is compromised and you need help with detecting and removing malicious software from your computer system. is the website of a completely legitimate software. The application is part of the GoToAssist service platform, but unfortunately it is connected with a variety of technical support scams. If you see the web address, that may be because you have a Trojan horse or another malware causing it to appear in your default browser application. In most cases a tech support scam is tied to the malware and cybercriminals are waiting for you to give them remote access to your computer to perform malicious deeds. You will either get a lockscreen or see pop-ups with telephone number given to supposed support technician under the pretext that they will fix any issues found on your computer.

Threat Summary Scam
TypeTech Support Scam, Trojan Horse
Short DescriptionYour computer has probably been compromised due to malware, which is showing that you have an alleged problem or even multiple issues or other malware in your PC system, trying to trick you into calling a phone number or giving remote access of your computer to cybercriminals under the pretense they are a team of technicians.
SymptomsMessages, pop-up boxes, redirects, a lockscreen or a fake BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) screen might appear on your computer screen or browser. Malicious actors will try to fool you into calling a phone number or prompting you to visit a platform for (Read more...)

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