Fake Adult Sites and Media Players Will Get You Adware and PUPs

If you have downloaded software, mostly freeware, you have definitely experienced adware, or the unexpected, intrusive pop-up advertisements that come out uninvited on your screen. PUPs are annoying and that’s a fact no one can deny, but they can also become a gateway for more serious trouble for your browsers and system. Continue reading to learn about some currently active schemes exploiting users’ desires to view adult content.

Current Campaigns Using Fake Adult Sites to Distribute Adware and PUPs

Cybercriminals often think of new ways to distribute their malicious pieces, be it adware, unwanted programs, browser extensions, and in worse cases – malware and ransomware. Some of the newer campaigns are in fact reusing old methods, as is the case with several operations delivering unwanted software via fake adult sites.

It is a common practice – using fake video player popups that prompt the user to download an update for the video player for the content to be played. This time scammers are luring victims that are looking for adult content.

The mentioned media player, of course, is nothing but a means for attackers to install a bunch of bad software products on the victim’s machine. If tricked by the scheme, the user ends with a potentially unwanted program, browser extension or some form of adware. Even though these are not the most dangerous types of malicious software you could get, they can be a gateway to more serious infection.

Security researchers have reported that these fake adult sites are made of auto-generated pages which are based on celebrity or adult star keywords. The reason for choosing these keywords is quite obvious – they attract many searches. When a tricked user clicks on any of the links, he (Read more...)

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