Do’s and Don’ts of the Dark Web

The Dark Web is one of the best known places where ordinary computer users can interact with the criminal underground. It can be accessed via the Tor Hidden Network via numerous relay servers found all over the world. It provides a sense of anonymity however this is not always guaranteed. Whatever the reasons for accessing it readers should be aware of the security risks, best practices and other useful advice that is needed to safely interact in this network.

Before Entering the Dark Web

To access the Dark Web users will need to have the necessary software to access it — the Tor Browser. It should be downloaded only from it’s official site as there are many fake copies of it that might include spyware or other types of viruses. The users can compare the checksums posted on the site with the downloaded files to make sure that they are legitimate.

The Tor browser represents a compilation of several technologies in one bundle:

  • Mozilla Firefox ESR — The Mozilla Firefox ESR web browser is the conservative and long-term support branch of the popular desktop variant. It is used primarily by government agencies, schools and universities as it carefully follows a release plan that can be easily followed. The point releases of the Firefox ESR packages are limited to the high-risk/high impact security vulnerabilities.
  • Torbutton — This is the component that takes care of application-level security and privacy concerns in Firefox. To keep you safe, Torbutton disables many types of active content.
  • TorLauncher — The launch script which executes the Tor startup sequence.
  • NoScript — This is a Mozilla Firefox extension that that executes JavaScript, Java, Flash and other plugin code only by trusted sites. It also protects from anti-XSS and clickjacking attacks.
  • HTTPS Everywhere — This is another extension that (Read more...)

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