DocuSign Phishing Scam – How to Get Rid of it

This article has been created in order to help you by explaining to you how to remove the DocuSign Phishing Scam which can be encountered via email messages.

The DocuSign phishing attack is the latest malicious tactic used to coerce computer users into entering their account credentials on a fake login page. Such actions can have very dangerous consequences and as a result can infect the system with various malware. Our guide shows how potenital targets can spot the scam and evade it.

Threat Summary

NameDocuSign Phishing Scam
Type Scam / Malware
Short DescriptionThis scam uses harvested or stolen information about the users by posign as a legitimate service.
SymptomsDisplayed scam login pages.
Distribution MethodVia e-mail messages, redirects and browser hijackers .
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DocuSign Phishing Scam – Overview

The security community has alerted of a new threat — the DocuSign Phishing Scam. The hackers behind it have created a counterfeit site that poses as a legitimate login page for DocuSign, one of the leading electronic signature companies.

The practice makes use of two common tactics associated with these type of threats:

  • Domain Name — The hackers use a similar sounding domain name — dacusign.^net VS
  • Web Elements — The criminals have hijacked legitimate web elements that are used by the service.

Users can receive the DocuSign phishing scam through email messages. They are sent using a bulk distribution campaign and may either display the message itself or contain a long text-based body contents that redirect to the constructed site. In most cases the messages will be sent via the spoofed domain. Another tactic would be to spoof other (Read more...)

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