Directory-as-a-Service® Competition

Directory-as-a-Service® Competition

JumpCloud® Directory-as-a-Service® is spearheading a new generation of identity and access management solutions. As the name suggests, it’s a cloud-based directory service, and it’s taking the world of IT by storm. However, IT admins must do their due diligence when looking for directory services and consider their options—so, is there Directory-as-a-Service competition that is viable? Let’s find out together.

A Matter of Capability

A matter of capabilityThe considerations around Directory-as-a-Service competition are interesting because of the wide range of capabilities in question. Traditionally, a legacy identity provider, such as Microsoft® Active Directory® (MAD or AD), was focused largely on securely connecting users to their Windows®-based IT solutions, which were on-prem. Another great feature of MAD was its GPO (Group Policy Object) function that enabled IT admins to manage their entire fleet of Windows machines with a few simple commands.

Challenges emerged, however, when IT resources started to shift from being on-prem and Windows-centric to cloud-based and non-Windows. For example, end users started to leverage Mac® and Linux® systems and cloud servers from AWS® and Google Cloud Platform™. Web applications for just about every task emerged to help workers. File servers morphed to solutions such as NAS appliances, Samba file servers, G Drive, Box™, and much more. Even WiFi networks started to replace wired ones. With these changes, the traditional identity provider, Active Directory, started to struggle.

And, that’s where Directory-as-a-Service came in to mitigate challenges such as these and many more. So, a strong player in Directory-as-a-Service competition must deliver a comprehensive cloud identity management platform that authenticates, authorizes, and manages users. Also, a Directory-as-a-Service competitor needs to feature much more than just one of the components above. At the moment, it doesn’t look like the cloud directory SaaS market has an option quite like Directory-as-a-Service.

Directory-as-a-Service Competition: A One Horse Race

Directory-as-a-Service Competition: A One Horse RaceAs a modern approach to directory services, Directory-as-a-Service aimed to consolidate a wide range of identity management problems to create a single place where IT admins could control access to IT resources and manage a cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) fleet of (Read more...)

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