Dark Web Sales Offer Military Tech & Airport Security Information

The latest Dark Web sales that have been uncovered by experts reveal that hackers have gained access to very sensitive data. The latest reports reveal that among the sold goods there are secret military technology materials, operating manuals and even the detailed schematics of an airport security system.

Dark Web Sales Offer Lucrative Goods: Military Technology Exposed

Security investigators routinely scan the dark web sales for any signs of private leaked data, exploits and other goods that might be of interest to malicious actors. Recently a series of secret documents in several related cases have caused the community to raise awareness against the ongoing computer intrusions against high-profile targets. The reason for this are the claimed (and actively sold) pieces of data that are being sold right now at several marketplaces.

According to the reports an individual hacker with the required expertise has been able to obtain documents from a captain belonging to the Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Reaper AMU OIC at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada. The documents that are being advertised on the underground market includes maintenance books belonging to Reaper drone unit with the “MQ-9A” identifier. This is an unnamed aircraft that is capable of performing remotely controlled flight operations and is often referred to as “the first hunter-killer” designed for high-altitude surveillance. The hacker also provides access to a full-motion video streams from the drone and several southern border checkpoints.

The other document is listed to contain a set of military materials from a computer belonging to an official from the US. The reports indicate that the obtained data set includes data on training courses, mitigation tactics, survival methods and etc. While the documents themselves may not be classified, they have very high value and are of interest to all other state actors.

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