Cylance Smart Antivirus: A Fresh Approach to Protection

Being the newest kids on the block, we’re thrilled and honored to get a good review from Neil Rubenking at PCMag shortly after the debut of Cylance Smart Antivirus for consumers. Neil rightfully notes that it’s difficult to compare us to traditional antivirus in testing because of our fundamentally different approach to protecting consumers, so we want to take this opportunity to offer some details behind the distinctions.

It can be argued that Cylance Smart Antivirus is “only an antivirus” without all the fancy add-ons some consumers have come to expect, but we see this as our core strength.

Traditional antivirus vendors have been in an ongoing competition to see who can add the most checkboxes to a laundry list of features since the beginning of the industry. This stems from two issues: first, the legacy of retail marketing where vendors try to demonstrate “more value” than competitors on the back of their boxes to win sales in the brick-and-mortar store aisle. Second, the exponential growth in threats over the decades have overwhelmed antivirus products that rely on signatures. The signature approach operates on the premise that someone needs to get infected for everyone else to be protected.

As Neil points out, “heuristic detection, behavioral analysis, sandboxing, and many other advanced features go into most modern antivirus programs.” That’s very true. These additional technologies have been added to increase the chances of detecting threats when signatures fail, but it may come at a steep price to the user. More technologies often means these products will use more system resources of the computer which could result in users noticing a difference in how fast their Mac or PC performs.

It’s no surprise that “it slows my system down” is a common refrain, and that traditional antivirus is seen by many (Read more...)

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