Cylance and Demisto: Optimizing Security Operations

The Cylance Axiom Alliances Program is a community of cybersecurity solution providers working together to deliver a prevention-first approach to security.

Unlike other ecosystems built around the assumption of compromise, Axiom vendors are committed to using artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously prevent adversaries from harming organizations by delivering added security controls that, when combined, minimize an organization’s attack surface and enable swift action across the organization’s entire environment, whether it be on-premises, IoT devices, hosted, or public cloud.

Cylance and Demisto formed a technology alliance to help customers improve their Security Operations Center (SOC) by automating workflow tasks, improving accuracy and response time to alerts and investigations.

The integration between Cylance and Demisto allows organizations to automate significant portions of the alert workflow. This frees up security analysts’ time to focus on more critical tasks and concentrate on more important decisions.

Whenever executives hear of a new emerging threat, their first question is invariably, “Are we protected?” The second question, sometimes panicked, sometimes calm, is, “Why?”

With CylancePROTECT® installed, organizations can be assured of protection for greater than 99% of instances. Protection doesn’t stop there. Demisto Enterprise delivers a complete solution that helps Tier-1 through Tier-3 analysts and SOC managers optimize the entire incident life cycle while auto documenting and journaling all the evidence.

For too long, fearing inadequate collaborating data, SOC analysts have had to switch between several application views to build a story and make decisions around every incident. Through the technology alliance forged by Cylance and Demisto, Cylance technology seamlessly communicates a rich data feed about malicious activity to Demisto.

This enriched data is corroborated with other key findings based on automated playbooks, building out an accurate and dependable evidence board and incident timeline. With the Cylance-Demisto technology alliance, customers can expect to see (Read more...)

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