Computer America Interview on New and Emerging Cloud Threats

Recently, Anthony James, our chief marketing officer participated in an interview with Computer America. The core of the interview was focused on the nature of new and expanding cloud threats, and the potential solutions to stop them. The cloud is here to stay and few businesses can be competitive without embracing it. When sensitive data leaves your business you face a loss of visibility and control. Mistakes are made, breaches happen, and if your data gets into the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic. CipherCloud CASB+ can put you back in charge, giving you clear insight into cloud activity while letting you take action to enforce your policies and never losing control of your most important assets – your data. An important issue brought up in the interview is that classic defense in depth is good, but no longer good enough. The issue is that cyberattackers will sooner or later break through defenses on the perimeter. It is almost a certainty that attackers will get into your network. So the right strategy for today is to have a plan to defend your data, even when they have penetrated your network. If you data is safe, then you can go about the business of detecting the attackers, and shutting down the attack. Anthony James overviews the new vulnerabilities in the cloud. These include account hijacking, cloud data breaches due to the extended surface now exposed to attackers, insecure application program interfaces, the many system vulnerabilities inherent in java containers, network communications and more, malicious insiders from the cloud organization, and a multitude of advanced persistent threats. Anthony James also shares how important CASB+ capabilities such as End-to-End Encryption (Data Encryption:, Tokenization, Data Loss Prevention (Data Loss Prevention:, Digital Rights Management (DRM), User Experience and Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Adaptive Access Control (AAC), and Anti-Virus Anti-Malware (AVAM) scanning can protect data in the face of these new cloud threats. It is important to note that these solutions work well with any SaaS application and support Microsoft Azure, Amazon and Google clouds. Here is where you can find the interview:

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