Cloud Security Myth vs. Fact #1: My Provider Protects My Data

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If you’re in the process of creating a security strategy for your cloud deployments, then you understand the complexities that exist. The challenges presented by compliance, data governance, and emerging technology can create a conflicting and shifting front, and the security solutions that are built into cloud services may not provide sufficient control, transparency, or security to meet all requirements.

Unfortunately, your cloud provider will probably not tell you how to effectively approach data security. More likely, they will point to the few basic security tools built into their solution and wish you the best of luck. Why? Because they are not responsible for your data.

As a result, best practices for cloud security are not centered on your public or private cloud provider. They are more about people, processes, and technology. In this four-part blog series, we will dispel several cloud security myths and provide facts that will help you implement the right strategy and technology to keep your organization’s data secure in the cloud. Let’s get started.

Myth #1: Security offered by your cloud provider means your data is well-protected.

 Fact: Your cloud provider is responsible for securing the cloud infrastructure. You are responsible for securing you (Read more...)

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