Cloud RADIUS Microservice

Cloud RADIUS Microservice

With good reason, IT admins are starting to get more aggressive about locking down their WiFi networks. After a number of high profile breaches and vulnerabilities (e.g. KRACK), it’s no surprise IT admins want to make sure that their networks are tight and secure. For those looking for the next step forward, a new cloud RADIUS microservice is making peace of mind for WiFi security easier than ever.

What’s the WiFi Password, Again?

RADIUS WiFi Remote Workers

While there’s no denying WiFi has been a boon to so many organizations and people, there has been one nagging drawback ever since the beginning of the WiFi revolution: security. Unlike wired networks where physical access is a prerequisite to network access, in the case of WiFi networks, anybody within range of the signal can potentially compromise access. Keep your friends close and your enemies out of WiFi range, right? Well, it’s just not that simple.

IT admins know this and have done a number of things to prevent their WiFi networks from being hacked, but these savvy admins also know that the best deterrent is to uniquely authenticate each user to the network. Securely. One at a time. The challenge with this approach is that implementing this form of network security can be a painful, uphill battle. For starters, it requires a number of integrations, a RADIUS server on-prem, and a boatload of patience.

Fortifying Security with a Cloud RADIUS Microservice

WiFi Security

For most IT organizations, the prospect of standing up and integrating RADIUS with their WiFi network and directory service is a legitimate roadblock to achieving their goal of better WiFi security. So, many simply opt to go without it, and instead, they try to manage tighter access with an SSID and passphrase that changes often.

Well, the good news is that there is a strong, viable alternative. As IT organizations leverage more microservices, a cloud RADIUS microservice has appeared to lighten IT’s load and increase security. With JumpCloud® RADIUS-as-a-Service (RaaS), your users can use one set of credentials to not only authenticate to your WiFi network, but also systems, applications, and (Read more...)

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