.choda File Virus (Jigsaw) – Remove It and Restore Files

This article will help you to remove the .choda File Virus (Jigsaw ransomware) in full. Follow the ransomware removal instructions given at the end of the article.

The .choda File Virus is in actuality from the Jigsaw ransomware family of cryptoviruses. The cryptovirus uses the source code of the original malware. The .choda File virus has a list with around 126 file extensions that seeks to encrypt. All of the files which will get encrypted will receive the extension .choda appended to them. Afterward, a ransom note message will display in the Korean language.

Threat Summary

Name.choda File Virus
TypeRansomware, Cryptovirus
Short DescriptionThe ransomware will encrypt your files and display a screen with the ransom note, which is themed around the movie “SAW”.
SymptomsThe ransomware will encrypt files by placing the .choda extension to all of them.
Distribution MethodSpam Emails, Email Attachments
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.choda File Virus (Jigsaw) – Spread

Jigsaw ransomware could infect computers using different methods for spreading that infection. Spam e-mails could be spreading its payload dropper. Those types of emails will try to convince you that something important is attached as a file to that e-mail. In actuality, the attachment will look like a legitimate document or one that is archived, but it is a file containing a malicious script. If you open that file, it will launch the payload for the ransomware. You can preview the analysis of one such file on the VirusTotal service:

As you can see above, the payload file is called 초다 랜섬웨어.exe.

Jigsaw ransomware might be using other methods for spreading, like putting the payload file dropper via social (Read more...)

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