Can You Trust Chrome Cleanup Tool?

The Chrome CleanUp Tool is a utility application that was originally commissioned by the Google team. In recent versions of the Google Chrome this functionality has been built-in, at the same time the application still remains available online on different sources. We anticipate that computer hackers may create counterfeit copies of it that can be used to infect computers with viruses instead of protecting them.

Chrome Cleanup Tool Description

The origins of the Chrome Cleanup Tool lie in the early details of the Google Chrome browser where it was known as the Software Removal Tool. It was released by the company in an attempt to help users fix certain issues that may arise from browsing: infections with certain browser hijackers and aggressive tracking cookies installation.

The application was heavily dependent on the signatures that were built by the developers. At the time when the Chrome Cleanup tool was being offered by Google the security team was working together with an IT security company to detect the threats.

This means that the tool offers limited protection against certain threats. Being compatible only with a single application — the Google Chrome web browser makes it a utility that may not offer adequate protection against all virus infections. This aspect is probably one of the reasons why the tool has been discounted in favor of a built-in upgraded version.

Recent versions of the application allow the users to launch the application by navigating to the following menu: Settings > Advanced > Reset and clean up > Clean up computer. Google Chrome itself is programmed to automatically launch this function at certain times while at the same time giving users the ability to start a manual scan by themselves.

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