Can You Keep Up with Game-Changing DDoS Attacks? Q&A from Allot’s Webinar

In our recent webinar, I discussed with Maya Canetti, Allot’s Director of Product Management, how intensified DDoS attacks against service providers have become highly destructive. We considered the newest threats, why traditional security solutions can’t cope with the rapidly changing nature of these threats, and what can be done to best protect networks.

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Q: Why is machine learning so critical to DDoS Mitigation?

A: The DDoS threat landscape is constantly changing. DDoS mitigation solutions that work by recognizing known vectors and threat techniques can be effective on repeated attacks. The problem is that they won’t work for new, unknown methods. Machine learning and artificial intelligence address this gap. By progressively learning standard network behavior and ongoing attack patterns, machine learning enables software solutions to detect new kinds of anomalous behaviors and identify them as zero-day attacks that must be instantly thwarted.


Q: How can an inline solution handle network asymmetry?

A: Most inline solutions use a distributed architecture where every unit is capable of detecting and mitigating only based on the traffic it sees. In asymmetric environments, traffic usually traverses through more than one unit in which case it will (Read more...)

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