Bit- WhiteSource’s Open Source Project of the Month for July 2018

Bit is an open source project that creates a faster workflow for sharing, discovering and collaborating on software components to build new applications. Bit was founded in 2015 by Ran Mizrahi and Yonatan Sason, later joined by Jonathan Saring and an amazing team of true open-sourcer developers. Their  offices are in Tel Aviv, Israel and New York City.

According to Bit co-founder Jonathan Saring, “The idea of Bit is to speed software development through collaboration and reuse of code components. Bit makes it easy to share components, using them in multiple projects, develop them anywhere and collaborate in the cloud. The coolest thing is that alongside Bit’s development, we also see the ecosystem developing in the same direction as software becomes more modular through UI components, Node.js modules, serverless functions, GraphQL APIs and many other components of the technology built around the world. That only makes it that much more important to organize and share them.”


How does Bit work?

Bit makes it possible to isolate components from existing projects without having to refactor the project, make code changes and split repositories. To isolate components, Bit will automatically create a unique environment for every component, which includes all the required dependencies, configurations and everything the components need in order to become executable from any other project. 

For example, components written in typescript can be used and developed in a project written in flow-typed. It also lets Bit test and build your components in isolation, so you can know the exact state of every component. 

Afterwards, components can be consumed from any other project using package managers and other methods. The components can also be imported into any other project using Bit itself, which enables the developer to develop (Read more...)

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