Application of Open Source Scripting Tools for Automated Field Device Configuration


Automated Configuration Managers have been some of the most popular automation tools of late. They automate the configuration and updating of network devices, and this allows system and network administrators to focus their precious time on other tasks. Human/user error is also reduced as there is less human input regarding device configuration. This article will detail the application of open source scripting tools for automated device configuration.

Configuration management refers to the process of organizing and maintaining management information regarding all the components of a computer network and the devices it contains. When a network device needs repair, modification, upgrading or expansion, the administrator the device configuration management database to determine the best course of action. Automated convenience is the name of the game. Devices save configurations in different formats and finding configuration information can be difficult when configuration or updating is required. With a configuration management system in place, configuration information is stored in a centrally located server, where device configurations can be easily downloaded to the device.

Open source tools have also been increasing in popularity over the last several years and have intersected the trajectory path of device configuration management solutions. What this means is lower cost, more efficient solutions for automated device configuration management. This is due in part to the increasing use of Cloud computing, or more specifically, Open Cloud computing.

There are many device configuration management solutions available, and some of the best are open source. This means that there is generally a free version and a paid version to choose from. Below is a selection of open source scripting tools for automated device configuration management that you should explore if you are looking to add great benefit to your organization’s network.

Puppet is one of the best configuration management solutions available today. (Read more...)

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