3 Essential Steps for Your Vulnerability Remediation Process

By now, hopefully everyone in the software development ecosystem is aware of the grave security risks that lie in unmanaged open source vulnerabilities. Most of us are familiar with at least a few security vulnerabilities that made headlines, but not many realize that those constitute only a handful of the 5000 vulnerabilities that are disclosed each year.

Considering that number will continue to grow, and that publicly disclosed vulnerabilities offer hackers an easy shot at hitting the jackpot, having a vulnerability remediation process in place is a must for any organization that cares about their customer’s safety, not to mention their reputation.

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Find and Fix: The Vulnerability Remediation Process

Before we dive into the essential steps of the vulnerability remediation process, it’s important to understand what it consists of and why having a vulnerability remediation process in place should be mandatory for every organization.

In order to always remain one step ahead of malicious attacks, DevSecOps professionals need to have a process in place to track and manage known vulnerabilities. Once a tedious, time consuming manual process, today teams can continuously track their organization’s software inventory with automated tools, and match them against the various security advisories, databases, or issue trackers in the software development space, so that they can ensure that their services and products are not relying on risky code. Then, if tracking results show that they are, they need to locate the vulnerable component and mitigate the risk in the most efficient way possible.

These steps might sound simple, but without a vulnerability remediation process that all stakeholders have signed off on, an organization might find itself a day late and a dollar short in their race against the hackers.

Step #1: Know Your Code

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