Which Are The Best Gaming Smartphones in 2018

Smartphones and gaming are not two words which did not go together very well, but now this saying is long gone, because we basically have computers in our pockets, able to run games, like GTA which were previously available only on high-end PCs. So with an increased focus on gaming and a market full of all sorts of mobile games, smartphone makers are vigorously competing against each other in who will make a flagship device that is most appropriate for gaming. An this has given birth to a new form of smartphone – the gaming smartphone. In this article we will show you the 5 best smartphones for gaming and compare them so that you can get a better perspective over what is worth the money you can afford.

Razer Phone Review

Image Source: GSMArena.com

Razer, the gaming company which took the world by storm has now created a gaming device. This device aims to step it up a bit from an average flagship and make the gaming experience on smartphones taylor made to their preferences.

When you first take a look at the Phone, it pretty much looks rather old-fashioned and squarey, but here is where the first glance thing ends to swallow you in a whole new world of estonishing experience. And the more you start playing, the more you begin to realize that everything that is made on this device is there for a reason. It is not bezel-less because of the fact that this prevents you from accidentally touching the screen while holding the phone with two hands. In addition to this, the top and bottom bezzels are powerful speakers which are definitely an enjoyment for the ear.

When we talk about the screen of the phone, it is a 1440p IGZO LCD with a (Read more...)

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