What is DevOps and Why It’s Important

What is DevOps and Why It's ImportantWhat is DevOps and Why It’s Important

A recent survey from Suse reveals that 86% of IT leaders (1400 surveyed) see DevOps as part of their future IT strategy, and 77% plan to incorporate DevOps methodology into their application development and delivery. So, what is DevOps, and why do organizations want to utilize it? These are great questions, and the answers are long ones. So let’s dive into what is DevOps and why it’s important.

If you ask a group of engineers and IT leaders what is DevOps, you’ll find that DevOps has a variety of definitions. However, we would loosely suggest that it can be thought of as a culture that has strongly influenced a method for delivering software and applications to market. It is an extension of the Agile method that integrates development (dev) and operations (ops) in the software development and deployment process. This is different from previous methods, like Waterfall and Agile, that keep these separate. However, removing the separation between Dev and Ops teams (and other teams as well) has enabled organizations to increase their frequency of delivering products to market that more closely align to customer desired.

To fully appreciate what is DevOps and why it’s important, let’s go over the two traditional methods that paved the way for DevOps: Waterfall and Agile.  

The Waterfall Software Development Method

The Waterfall Software Development MethodThe Waterfall method takes a methodical, sequential approach to developing software. In the beginning, the Waterfall approach starts with extensive planning and design. Then, the development team codes the software. When the development team is finished, another team tests it, and once testing is complete the software is handed off to operations to deploy.  At the end, a fully finished piece of software is delivered. However, requirements can change in the middle of the development process, and this method doesn’t take this into consideration. So, what ends up happening is either unwanted software is delivered or time and money is spent to change the plans. Additionally, the Waterfall method focuses solely on delivering working software, and it doesn’t consider how the software will work (Read more...)

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