“Sunglasses 85% Off” E-Mail Scams – How to Stop (Block) Them

This article has been created in order to explain what is the Sunglasses 85% Off scam and how to learn how to stop it from your computer effectively.

The notorious Sunglasses 85% Off scams are now back with a lot of e-mails that are sent advertising a solid discount on different types of sunglasses. What is new for the scam is that now the scammers have stopped imitating e-mails coming from RayBan and are using another company for sunglasses – Oakley. Furthermore, in addition to this, the scam is also using pictures of sunglasses models alongside which a web link to websites which are likely fake ones. The end goal is to get users to visit a fake web site which aims to get users to make purchases via those sites. This may end up badly for you as a user, since the sites may either gather financial information or may only take you money and send you not the product you ordered, but something worth nothing.

Threat Summary

NameSunglasses 85% Off
TypeE-Mail Scam.
Short DescriptionAims to trick victims into visiting what appears to be a fake and unsecured online retailer web page .
SymptomsYou receive e-mails, called “Oakley Sunglasses 85% Off. 2018 Styles”. Previous version uses RayBan instead of Oakley.
Distribution MethodVia e-mail.
User ExperienceJoin Our Forum to Discuss Sunglasses 85% Off.

Oakley Sunglasses Scam – More Information and Analysis

Unlike the WannaCry e-mail scam which aimed to trick victims into sending BitCoin, the e-mails received advertising the “Sunglasses 85% Off” scam originate from the e-mail [email protected] address, which is likely a fake one, that is coming from an Apache server. The content of one specific e-mail we are using for this analysis is the following:

Subject: Oakley Sunglasses 85% Off. 2018 Styles
Date: (Read more...)

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