Remove RayBan Instagram Scam from Your Device (Tagging Virus)

This article has been created in order to help explain how to remove the Instagram RayBan tag scam from your computer and stop it from auto tagging your friends from your profile.

The previously detected Facebook RayBan scam which we analyzed to happen in Facebook was encountered once more to occur via Instagram as well. The scam is likely caused by malware which enters your computer via more than one methods. The scam aims to take over Facebook and then Instagram accounts only to get victims to visit phishing pages that imitate the original website, but in fact may be aiming to trick victims into entering their financial data by luring them with discounts on RayBan® sunglasses.

Threat Summary

NameRayBan Instagram Scam
TypeInstagram-related malware.
Short DescriptionTakes control of the victim’s Instagram account and causes automatic shares as well as tagging to pictures that advertise RayBan sunglases with discounts.
SymptomsYour profile starts automatically sharing pictures and tagging your friends.
Distribution MethodVia spammed web links and via other users that have already been infected.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by RayBan Instagram Scam

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RayBan Insta Virus – How Did I Get It

If you have had the chance of already seeing these pictures on some of your friends profiles on via your profile, there is a good chance that an infection campaign of tis virus is taking place. The strongest symptom that your device has been compromised by this malware is that your profile is sharing Ray-Ban images like the following on Instagram:

When the website on the shared picture is checked on online services, like Scamadviser, it is immediately established that the site is a (Read more...)

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