Remove Download Required (“Ransomware 2.0; Trojan.Win32.SendIP.15”)

This article aims to help you by explaining how you can remove the Download Required scam message from your computer and how you can make sure that your PC stays protected against infections in the future as well.

The Download Required scamming message has been detected by several security researchers to be displayed as a result of a browser redirection on the users computers. The scamming messages may be introduced on victims computers as a result of having a potentially unwanted program which displays advertisements and causes web browser redirects. In case you see the Download Required scamming message on your computer, it is strongly recommended to read this article in order to learn how to remove the Download Required messages from your PC and protect it against future pop-ups and browser redirects of this type.

Threat Summary

NameDownload Required Scam
TypeScamming Redirect
Short DescriptionAims to get you to download Advanced PC Fixer which is a hoax antivirus program by claiming your computer is at risk.
SymptomsYour computer is redirected to the winmanager(dot)today domain with a custom URL, which is a fake Microsoft web page, displaying a scamming message.
Distribution MethodVia potentially unwanted programs (Adware, Browser Hijackers, etc.)
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by Download Required Scam

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Download Required Scam Message – How Did I Get It

The main method via which these programs are spread accros the computers of users is as most adware are spreading for some time now – setup bundling. These types of free programs are often advertised as free extras to the current installation of the user’s computer. They often pretend to improve your web browsing experience in a way and (Read more...)

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