OneLogin™ Competitor

OneLogin™ Competitor

As the web application single sign-on (SSO) market heats up, many IT organizations are exploring the array of SSO options. Also known as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), SSO platforms expedite the login process required for a variety of web applications, and some vendors have recently added support for on-prem applications as well. As an early entrant in the space, OneLogin™ is one such IDaaS. Many are asking, however, is there a OneLogin™ competitor that makes sense to consider?

IDaaS: What is it?

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Before we can look at OneLogin and its competitors, let’s look at the history of the IDaaS market itself. In the early days of IT, IDaaS was a concept that was somewhat unnecessary for IT admins, as the majority of organizations were Windows®-centric, and relied on Microsoft® Active Directory® (AD) on-prem  to link users to all of their IT resources, which were Windows applications as well. As time progressed, however, these systems were joined by non-Windows platforms like Mac® and Linux®, as well as cloud-based servers, web applications, NAS appliances, and Samba file servers among others which all subsequently challenged the usefulness of AD.

That’s when IDaaS solutions came in. Using a web application SSO solution, IT organizations could link together their AD-based solutions to the variety of useful web applications from companies like Google and Amazon, among others, as well as connecting non-Windows platforms. The demand for web app SSO solutions such as OneLogin began to grow. Since demand started to grow, prices followed, and web application SSO providers started to hike up their per user prices. Pricing along with other factors such as what an SSO platform can manage along with the on-prem Active Directory created some discontent. As said earlier, the question arose: is there a viable OneLogin™ competitor?

The IDaaS Market Today

Modern IDaaS Market

In fact, for those interested in web application SSO, there isn’t just a single OneLogin competitor. In actuality, there are around a dozen or more on the market that are worthy of your consideration. Major tech titans such as Google, Microsoft®, and Amazon (Read more...)

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