New iOS Flaw Discovered – iPhones and iPads Can Be Unlocked

Apple devices are regarded as one of the most secure devices in the world, but a new vulnerability that was discovered results in an effective bruteforce attack.

News broke out regarding a new vulnerability that lets hackers who are armed with a lightning cable and knowledge about the vulnerability can effectively overcome the pass-code entry screen and successfully unlock iPhone and iPad devices.

I all started with one individual – Hickey, who is the co-creator of the Hacker House entity. Hickey has reportedly managed to bypass the strong encryption set on the Apple devices which is used to secure and stop attacks that are performed in a brute-force manner. The attack is done in combination with a flaw, related to Secure enclaves, which is a measure that uses cryptographic processes in combination with biometric protection in the latest version of iOS in order to stop several incorrect attempts on logging in by blocking the device. This measure blocks your iPad or iPhone for different periods of time, depending on how much you have typed the unlock code incorrectly.

In a new reported, the hacker Hickey has explained that the restriction can be bypassed by connecting the iOS device in question to a Lightning cable shortly after which entering a very specific passcode that is very long via keyboard. This pass code somehow causes a bug in how the device sends the pass codes to the secure enclave protection measure. But thanks to the new USB Restricted Mode, this security measure may be compromised only if users have not accepted the update to the latest version of iOS.

IOS devices have seen their fair share of security troubles over the year, but the good news is that the flaws in them are quickly patched by Apple, which still leaves them to (Read more...)

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