MirageFox Malware: the Latest Addition to APT15 Hack Arsenal

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The APT15 hacking group which became well-known for its high profile attacks against US Military has developed a new dangerous malware tool called MirageFox. It is believed that it is an updated version of previously-released threats. A detailed technical analysis shows that it is capable of inflicting a lot of damage to the target computers.

The MirageFox Malware Is The Latest Weapon Used By the APT15 Hackers

The APT15 hacking group is one of the most well-known criminal organizations that is believed to be affiliated with the Chinese government. Over the years they have been spotted at attacking mainly high-profile government and military targets using sophisticated methods of infection. Other targets include multi-national companies in industries like oil and the like. A signature mechanism that they employ is that they target the installed applications on the workstation computers. Once the network has been breached they will use custom solutions in order to continue the attacks.

The MirageFox malware was discovered by a hybrid signature that appears to hold signatures of previous weapons used by he group. The security analysts note that the new tool is programmed in a way that avoids instant discovery. The detection ratings show that a majority of the security software cannot identify it as a virus signature.

A full analysis is not yet available as the analysts were not able to capture a complete sample of MirageFox’s code. The available snippets showcase how the threat will react once the initial infections are done. However details on how the exact mechanism works are not yet available.

MirageFox Malware Capabilities

The partial information that is available for MirageFox shows that it includes several properties allowing it to infect the targets on a deep level. The following infection tactics (Read more...)

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