Man Gets Back $110,000 Lost to a Nigerian Prince Scam

Fredrick Haines, a man from Kansas City, USA, received the sum of 110,000 United States dollars as a settlement from Western Union. Fred, aged 77, was a victim to the notorious Nigerian Prince scam, in which fraudsters try to trick unsuspecting people that they will inherit a huge fortune from Nigerian royalty.

According to a report by Daily Mail, Mr. Haines wired exactly $110,000, between 2005 and 2008, to scammers who promised him a $64 million inheritance if he made financial commitments.

Regardless that his loss occurred around a whole decade ago, Haines will receive all of his money back as a beneficiary of a $586 million fund set up by the Western Union. The fund was set to pay back victims of similar scams located in Canada and the United States. Western Union made that move after admitting in a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission that some of its employees back then had colluded with the scammers to defraud customers such as Haines.

How Haines Lost His $110,000

Fredrick Haines, a self-employed handyman in Wichita, was skeptical when the scammers made first contact with him via his Yahoo! email account back in 2005. These fraudsters promised him a $64 million inheritance and that is how they got his attention in the first place.

Haines told The Kansas City Star:

“They started off with saying I was going to inherit $64 million, and right away I thought, ‘This is kind of a joke, or it’s a scam’. Those Nigerians know how to talk.”

The man from Kansas shared that the prospect sounded too promising, but after investing so much effort and cash, it became too hard to believe it was all a scam.

Haines shares:

It got to the point where they were showing me that the President (Read more...)

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