How to Download All Your Facebook Data (Photos, Messages, etc.)

This is an instructive article which aims to provide explanations on how you can download all of your Facebook information, which does include personal, security and media data which Facebook has been storing for you.

Facebook is one social media site which is used by billions of people on a daily basis. In fact, Facebook is so popular that if you haven’t heard of the word internet, you haven’t heard of the social media site as well. But with so much power comes great responsibility and Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg have learnt this the hard way. And with GDPR already here, you can now see all of the data which Facebook has been storing in connection with your Profile. This data can be downloaded with few clicks and in this article we are going to show you how to exercise this right.

How to Download All of Your Data from Facebook

In case you are using a smartphone (which is almost certain) you should go through the following steps to download your facebook information:

Step 1: Tap on the ribbed icon on top of your Facebook app and locate Settings and Privacy.

Step 2: From Settings and Privacy, locate Settings and then Tap on It.

Step 3: After you have managed to get into the Settings menu, make sure that you locate “Your Facebook Information” and if you do, tap on Download Your Information as seen underneath:

Step 4: Select what type of information you want to be downloaded by tapping on the different forms of data:

Step 5: After going through what type of data you want from Facebook if you scroll down at the end you will be able to choose Date Range for data collection, Quality and the Format on which you will be able (Read more...)

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