Google Cloud Identity™ as a Domain Controller?

Google Cloud Identity™ as a Domain Controller?

With the dramatic changes to modern IT networks and a continued shift to the cloud, IT organizations are trying to figure out what tools and solutions they can use to replace on-prem IT components. Google Cloud Identity™ has been considered by many as one such on-prem tool replacement. Due to this, many admins are asking: can you use Google Cloud Identity as a domain controller?

A New Challenger Approaches

Google Cloud Identity Management

Google’s foray into enterprise solutions began over a decade ago, and G Suite™ (formerly Google Apps) was the wedge that they have used to work their way into the market. Previously, the IT world was completely dominated by Microsoft®, with Windows® solutions such as Exchange® for email, Office for productivity, File Server® for data storage, and more. Google approached the problem by offering IT organizations a completely different option. G Suite was a cloud-based service that obviated the need for on-prem hardware, software, and maintenance. For many, it offered an impactful, positive change, and for that reason, many smaller IT organizations have jumped on it. Over time, the same mindset shifted to a wide range of organizations, who decided there was no reason to have on-prem IT resources and began to switch to cloud-based solutions such as G Suite.

Despite their wide array of offerings, Google didn’t solve the problem for all IT management areas. One area in particular that was left unsolved was identity and access management (IAM). Microsoft had developed a strong directory services solution, called Active Directory®, which quickly became the standard in the industry. Google did not want to challenge AD as they had done to Exchange and Office, and left it largely untouched. The result was that Active Directory as a domain controller for an organization was left intact. This enabled users to login to their machines and gain access to on-prem Windows resources while using their web browser to access Google apps.

Google Enters the Identity Management Market

Google Identity vs AD

While they’ve never had the intention to compete with Active Directory, Google has made some plays in the IAM market (Read more...)

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