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What’s it going to be this summer — an island? An exotic city? Disney? Where will you vacation?

This is the kind of daydreaming we all love to do at this time of year. Winter, for the most part, is behind us, spring is in bloom, and we’re getting excited for summer travel. You’re starting to look at the calendar and block out holiday dates in July and August. You’re considering your options, running mental simulations of yourself staying at each place, imagining what each would be like.

Deciding where to take your summer holiday is the fun part. Actually booking the trip, wondering the whole time if you’re getting the best deals, is not. But here’s a way to keep sunshine in the daydream — use Avast SafePrice to confirm you’re getting the best hotel prices offered anywhere on the web. Knowing that you made the best financial decisions setting up the trip goes a long way to helping you enjoy the vacation, even before it starts.

Avast SafePrice is a free web extension that automatically presents you with the best price for your hotel. To experience the joys of SafePrice, just follow these simple steps to book your hotel.

  1. Download Avast SafePrice for free and add it to your browser. It works with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge.

  1. Go to the travel website of your choice, such as or, to start pricing your trip. SafePrice will present you with any available online coupons that can save you money on that site, as well as the best price for your hotel.


  1. Next, input the city and dates for your vacation. SafePrice will present you with any available coupons for hotels in that area, as well as a list of the best room rates.


  1. When you click on a hotel page, you’ll see more coupons for that specific hotel (if there are any), as well as coupons for similar hotels.


Then, book your stay and tell buyer’s remorse to take a hike. You can excitedly anticipate your trip with the confidence that you got the best deal possible. Make your daydreams a reality with Avast SafePrice.  

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