Andy Android Emulator Program Detected with Coin Miner Virus

A miner malware for crypto has been detected in the Andy Android Emulator program for Windows after an investigation was performed by it’s user community.

It seems as if the coin miner malware trend is taking the world by storm and with several cryptocurrency miners already infecting legitimate programs the Android Emulator, known as Andy exploded in a matter of hours in terms of user interest. The main reason for that is that a reddit user, going by the nickname TopWire detected a process, known as Updater.exe which starts alongside the Andy emulator, but continues running after you close the program. After careful investigation, it was established that the process runs mining operation by using the GPU of the computers It’s running on and the only way to remove it is by uninstalling Andy Android emulator itself.

What are Cryptocurrency Miners?

Coin miner viruses as many refer thme to are the type of malware which may slow down your computer by taking a huge ammount of processing power from it’s GPU or CPU (or both) in order to mine cryptocurrency tokens, like BitCoin or Monero at the expense of the victim. The symptoms of having the Andy Android miner virus are mainly an Updater.exe process running on your PC which takes a large ammount of your GPU’s power and slows down your computer significantly. Miners may reside unknowingy on PC’s for a long time and if that is left unattended they may even break a computer down.

Andy Android Emulator Miner Virus Because of Developers’ Fault?

According to reports, the issue with this specific miner being incorporated into the ssoftware seems to lie within the Andy developers, who may have either let this happen or incoroporated the “updater” tool in the emulator program, which reportedly sends a (Read more...)

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