A New Era for WhiteSource’s Support

Communication is at the very heart of every organization. Especially a Support organization.
One of the keys to achieving effective Support operations is ensuring communication channels are efficiently utilized – whether internally with other departments like Engineering and Customer Success or externally with customers and partners. Communication enables us a better understanding of issues experienced and the ability to convey urgency, get detailed reproduction scenarios, provide adequate workarounds, deliver fixes and execute any other aspect of support work.

In our effort to improve our service, we’ve moved to a new backend system a few months ago which helped immensely in increasing efficiency, improving communication rates and case prioritizations, and introducing better overall management of cases.

The communication channel, however, remained email based as it was before. Working well for the most part, but limiting in their ability to track progress, monitor multiple cases and get a full view of all open issues.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working on creating the Customer Community, a portal for all communication with the Support department, which is meant to complement the new backend system and new Support processes. Whether it be opening new Support Cases or communicating and tracking existing ones.

From the new Customer Community, it is easy to view all cases, track existing cases, view statuses, get notified on case updates, approve or re-open cases, easily attach files.

Access to the Community is secure.

Login to the community is restricted to WhiteSource users only and requires username and password. Existing community users can invite other colleagues to the community and are also restricted to that account following a verification process.

Only your account’s cases are shown and colleagues can participate and collaborate on those cases.

See below more on working with the community site and main community points.

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