ZipperDown Vulnerability Affects About 10% of iOS Apps

ZipperDown vulnerability image

Security experts discovered a dangerous bug that affects applications built for Apple’s mobile software infrastructure. According to the published information the ZipperDown vulnerability affects around 10% of all iOS apps released publicly. It is possible that this bug can function on Android devices as well.

ZipperDown Vulnerability Strikes iOS Apps

The discovery of ZipperDown was announced by Pangu Lab which have since created a specialist site giving details about the issue. A code analysis of their clients has revealed a very common programming error which has led to dangerous consequences when reviewed further. To give out further details about it’s spread the team has devised a special signature that can detect the problem in iOS apps. A scan was conducted using it on a specialist application analysis platform and the results show that around 10% of all iOS apps might be affected .

The platform cannot give out a 100% certainty however these figures are taken as credible enough to issue a warning across the whole security community. Some of the affected programs include even those that have more than 100 million active users: Weibo, MOMO Related Story: Researchers Find 274 Vulnerabilities in the Top 50 Android Shopping Apps

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