Xevan Coin Miner Virus (Trojan) – How to Remove It from Your PC

xevan-coin-minerThis article has been created in order to explain what is the Xevan cryptocurrency miner Trojan and how to remove this malware and stop it from mining crypocurrency coins, using your video card.

A new Trojan horse has been detected by security researchers to overuse the GPU of the computers of victims to mine Xevan – supported coins by using the Xevan algorithm. The malware may come via different methods and it’s coin miner implementation may be a modification of the Limxtec sgminer or ccminer fork in order to mine cryptocurrencies without you even realizing it and generate profits for the cyber-criminals who are behind this virus. If your computer has been infected by the Xevan coin miner Trojan, we recommend that you read this article and learn how to remove this malware from your PC.

Threat Summary

NameXevan Coin Miner
TypeCryptoCurrency Miner
Short DescriptionUses the GPU on your computer in order to get it to mine for cryptocurrencies and generate profits to the cyber-criminals who are behind this virus.
SymptomsYour computer may start to stagger and may even freeze at times. You Video Card (GPU) may overheat or show high usage and temperature, (often 100% utilization).
Distribution MethodVia malicious web links or files, posing as legitimate programs.
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Xevan Coin Miner – How Did I Get It?

The Xevan Coin Miner Trojan may infect your computer system via a variety of ways, the main ones of which are believed to be via:

  • E-mails that may carry malicious e-mail attachments embedded within them.
  • E-mails carrying malicious web links.
  • Malicious files, pretending to be installers of drivers, patches, cracks (Read more...)

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