WinstarNssmMiner Virus (Cryptocurrency Miner) — How To Remove it

This article has been created in order to explain what is the WinstarNssmMiner Trojan and how to remove this malware completely from your computer.

The WinstarNssmMiner virus is a stealth Trojan that can infect computer networks and infiltrate both end users and enterprise targets. It takes advantage of the available computer resources in order to generate income for the operators.

Threat Summary

TypeTrojan Horse/CryptoCurrency Miner
Short DescriptionSilently infects your computer after which begins to mine for cryptocurrencies via a fake executable process..
SymptomsA very high resource usage and unusual operating system interaction.
Distribution MethodMalicious web links, Malicious Files, Malicious E-Mails
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WinstarNssmMiner – How Does It Infect

The WinstarNssmMiner miner is deployed using the traditional distribution tactics for this type. A common way is to integrate the miner code in payloads. Two popular examples are the following:

  • Infected Documents — The WinstarNssmMiner miner code can be embedded in files such as text documents, spreadsheets or presentations. Once the users open the files they will be presented with a notification prompt that asks the victims to enable the built-in macros (scripts). When this is done the virus code will be downloaded from a remote server and loaded onto the target system.
  • Software Installers — The code can be embedded in a similar way in application installers of popular software. The hackers typically choose well-known products such as productivity solutions, creativity suites, system utilities and etc.

These payloads can be uploaded to fake download portals that may be designed to look like legitimate web services. They are done by setting up similar domain names and using stolen graphics and text, as well as other (Read more...)

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