Why Small Business Owners Should Make Cybersecurity a Top Priority

Small business owners who choose to discount the risks associated with a cyber attack or data breach could be making a very serious error. From social engineering to the vulnerabilities found within outdated software, identifying the biggest threats to their digital infrastructure is often the first step in ensuring that businesses and commercial organizations are able to take whatever steps are necessary in order to address the situation.

The cyber attack risks and threats that are specific to small businesses are a concern that no organization can afford to take lightly.

Phishing and Social Engineering

Manipulating users into giving up their password or account information is one of the most common ways for a data breach to occur. Businesses that fail to educate all staff, employees and associates could be placing themselves at far greater risk. Good password habits, such as changing passwords frequently and maintaining different passwords for each user account, may be of limited use to individuals who fail to comprehend the risks associated with phishing or social engineering scams. Training programs and ongoing education are often essential for ensuring that users do not become lazy or complicit in their efforts to safeguard passwords and account information.

Viruses and Malware

Social engineering represents a more focused and hands-on attack while viruses and malware typically occupy the other end of the spectrum. What software-based attacks lack in specific focus they make up for in sheer volume. Networks, systems and even specific digital devices that may contain a software virus or other form of malware could end up compromising a business’s entire digital infrastructure and allowing such threats to go unnoticed could prove to be nothing short of catastrophic. Utilizing a firewall and making use of anti-virus applications is (Read more...)

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