What’s better than OneLogin™?

what's better than OneLogin

OneLogin has historically been a popular web application single sign-on (SSO) solution. Recently, they added some support for on-prem applications as well. This new approach to application access is what vendors and analysts are calling unified access management. However, managing access to applications, whether on-prem or remote, is but one piece of the overall identity management puzzle. As a result, many IT organizations are asking, “What’s better than OneLogin?

Single Sign-On Competitors

With so many significant IT solutions in use today, many of which are from tech titans like Amazon®, Google®, Microsoft®, and many others, it’s difficult to say which web application SSO solution is better. After all, virtually all web app SSO solutions leverage a core identity provider to federate identities to a wide variety of web applications. OneLogin, for example, claims to connect to 5,000+ applications, while Okta®, a fellow web app SSO provider, says they have over 10,000.

Most IT organizations will tell you that the number of applications supported is hardly a factor in their decision. Once the core application set is covered, other capabilities such as securely managing and connecting users to their systems, other applications, files, and networks end up being the critical factors. So, the question of what’s better than OneLogin may not have a direct answer, except to say that organizations must choose the best SSO provider to complement their existing infrastructure. The better questions may be, “What’s better than the web application SSO category as a whole? What’s the next generation in identity and access management?”

What’s Better than SSO for Web Applications?

To answer this question, let’s begin by taking a look at the fundamental underpinnings of single sign-on: the identity provider. Prior to the year 2000, most networks were on-prem and revolved around the Microsoft® Windows® operating system. This enabled IT to leverage Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) primarily as a core identity provider that could securely manage and connect users to virtually all of the IT resources in a Windows-centric environment. This approach worked (Read more...)

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