VPNFilter UNIX Trojan – How to Remove It and Protect Your Network

This article has been created to explain what exactly is the VPNFilter malware and how to secure your network against this massive infection by protecting your router as well as protecting your computers.

A new malware, going by the name of VPNFilter has reportedly infected over 500 thousand router devices across most widely used brands such as Linksys, MikroTik, NETGEAR as well as TP-Link, mostly used in homes and offices. The cyber-sec researchers at Cisco Talos have reported that the threat is real and it is live, even thought the infected devices are under investigation at the moment. The malware reportedly has something to do with the BlackEnergy malware, which targeted multiple devices in Ukraine and Industrial Control Systems in the U.S.. If you want to learn more about the VPNFilter malware and learn how you can remove it from your network plus protect your network, we advise that you read this article.

Threat Summary

TypeIoT Trojan (Infostealer) and Botnet Infection
Short DescriptionAims to infect complete networks and steal critical network information plus relay it to third-party hosts.
SymptomsYour computer and web browser may lead you to phishing sites via which the crooks may collect important information.
Distribution MethodVia worms, botnet and other automated infection methods.
Detection Tool See If Your System Has Been Affected by VPNFilter

Malware Removal Tool

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VPNFilter Malware – How Does It Infect

The VPNFIlter malware uses a very complicated two-stage infection method, the result of which is your computer to become a victim of intelligence gathering and even desctruction operation.

Stage 1 of Infection (Loader)

The first stage of this virus involves a reboot on your router or hub. Since the VPNFilter malware targets primarily routers as well as (Read more...)

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