Unanalytics.com Fake Web Page Redirect – How to Remove It

This article aims to give you insight on how to remove the unanalytics.com browser hijacking software from your computer and stop browser redirects that are associated with it on your PC.

The Unanalytics.com web page redirects is the type of software which has been created to perform different activities on the victims’ computers. The browser hijacker may redirect the victims to sub-domains of a fake Google Analytics web pages ,that may pretend there is a problem with your website. Such web pages are not to be trusted since they may steal information about your financial details and also details about your Google accounts and passwords. If you see the unanalytics.com web redirect on your browser, we advise that you read the following article and learn how to remove this browser hijacking software from your PC.

Threat Summary

NameUnanalytics.com Redirect
TypeBrowser Hijacker
Short DescriptionAims to modify the settings on your web browser in order to get it to cause browser redirects and display different advertisements.
SymptomsYour web browser begins to display various types of online advertisements, which results in slowing down of your PC.
Distribution MethodBundled downloads. Web pages which may advertise it.
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Unanalytics.com – Distribution Methods

There are different methods via which the Unanalytics.com is spread onto users’ computers. One of the main ones are believed to be via software bundling via using different freeware setups of programs. These types of installers are most often believed to be of free programs downloaded from software-providing websites, such as:

  • Media players.
  • Torrent software.
  • File converters.
  • Audio codecs.
  • Drivers of programs.

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