Top 5 Server Motherboards for Q1 2018

Top 5 Server Motherboards for Q1 2018

Server motherboards are the essential components on top of which the machine is built. As the first quarter of the year has passed system administrators can finally start assembling new machines with the newer components. This guide will focus on the 2011-3 socket which is used with Intel Xeon processors.

Our choices are determined by both the available features and the community reviews that we have checked during our analysis. In selecting this list we are focusing on the best value for money.


ASrock FH-C612NM

This motherboards provides a very convenient platform for building a variety of server solutions. This particular model offers a lot of slots so that complex applications can run without any problems. The main chipset is Intel C612 which supports both Xeon #5-2600 and v3/v4 series CPU’s. In total there are 16 DIMM slots that support a frequency of up to DDR4 2400 MHz. It comes with a SATA controller that can power a maximum of 10 hard drives. The built-in network interface is RTL8211E/EG which supports up to a 1 Gbit/s transfer speed. This is a fairy cheap board that has a lot of features and slots which makes it a premier choice for the lower price ranges.



ASUS’s s offering is a high-expandable EEB motherboard that can be used in hybrid solutions — gaming, mining and workstations. The board can take up to 8 DIMM memory slots totaling 512 GB of installed memory. There are 10 SATA ports which allows many drives to be plugged in and DUAL LAN ports. The presence of several (7) PCI Express 3.0 slots shows that the board can also be used in various use cases, not solely a specific server. This makes it a very versatile choice if the owners are intending (Read more...)

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