Top 5 GPU Mining Motherboards for April 2018

One of the essential components when it comes to GPU mining is the motherboard. Depending on its features and the included hardware support. This is the reason why potential miners need to carefully choose the most suitable product. Our top 5 article reveals some of the latest trends and favorable choices among all major vendors.

5. Biostar TB85 (Ver. 6.x)

Biostar TB85 image

The TB85 motherboard from BIOSTAR is a common recommendation among rookie investors. It is an Intel Socket 1150 compatible model that features the stable B85 chipset and can be found for a cheap price in various stores. One of the many advantages is holds is the fact that all of the capacitors are build to last longer using a special technology. Building mining rigs can have it’s risks and this is the reason why ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection is included. To prevent USB failure the vendor has implemented a “Polyswitch” technology which incorporates an on board dedicated power fuse that protects USB devices.

By itself the motherboard can support up to 6 graphics cards (by having 5 x PCI-E 2.0 x1 Slot and 1 x PCI-E 3.0 x16 Slot) and 6 hard disk drives. This board is popular with mining rig creators as it includes a special circuit that can detect and prevent voltage surges which are common when overclocking the connected components.

4. Asus PRIME Z270-P

This particular model is praised as a piece on which a stable and performance-optimized rig can be produced. It is part of the “Prime” series which is tailored mainly for gaming users that require a platform that can sustain powerful components and prolonged use. As it is based on the Intel Socket 1151 with the Z270 chipset. It includes 6 PCIe expansion slots that are made with a specialist SafeSlot (Read more...)

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