Top 5 Gaming Video Cards In 2018

In the blog article you are about to read, you will discover the top five best choices for gaming video cards. The following video cards’ list does not include the most expensive video cards such as NVIDIA TITAN Xp, V or AMD RADEON Frontier Edition ones. The cards on the list are chosen according to various factors for what would make them the perfect investment for a gaming-oriented Desktop computer. These factors are: stream processors (shading units), memory specifics, core clock, their floating-point performance and a few other factors, such as gaming technologies available.

These video cards are rated considering all factors stated above, but neglecting the price of the cards. Power consumption is also considered, but does not affect the rating in any case. Depending on the manufacturer, the core clock can be tweaked leading to performance boosts different than the original card speeds. The original card specs will be provided to outline the performance of the video cards. Thus, the classification of the GPUs below is not set, but rather positions the cards in terms of the first being with the biggest capability and the ones after being more limited compared to the initial one.

1. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti utilizes the latest technology in terms of memory – GDDR5X with 11GB capacity and a memory clock of 11,000 MHz and a 352-bit memory bus. That’s the biggest memory and memory clock sizes of all cards mentioned in this article. Not only that, but the 1080 Ti delivers 484.4 GB/s of memory bandwidth. The core clock is only 1,480 Mhz, but still better than Titan X. Thee card beats Titan X in almost every parameter and is cheaper than it, which speaks volumes about how fast technology develops. With 3584 Cuda (Read more...)

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