Top 10 Solutions to Protect Against DDoS Attacks and Increase Security

According to statistics, 33% of businesses fall victim to DDoS attacks. It is almost impossible to predict such attacks. Some of them can be powerful and reach 1.35 TBps. According to Incapsula, DDoS attacks cost businesses around $40,000 per hour. Based on the Akamai security report, most DDoS attacks come from China.

The following resources will help you calculate the losses caused by DDoS:

Cybercriminals resort to different methods of conducting DDoS attacks that may include:

  • UDP Fragmentation
  • CharGEN attacks
  • NTP, DNS, UDP, SYN, ACK, SSPD flood
  • TCP anomalies

So, you need to take care not only of layer 7 attacks but ensure that all web applications are protected at all layers.

To protect against DDoS attacks, businesses and individual website owners can use specialized services. Some of the best solutions are listed below.

Cloudflare is one of the most popular defense services. When using FREE and PRO tariffs, you can rely on basic DDoS protection. To get protection against 3, 4 and 7 level attacks, it is necessary to have a business or corporate account.

Clients pay a fixed amount of money on a monthly basis no matter how many attacks they face and how strong those attacks are. Nasdaq, Cisco, Salesforce are among the customers of this reputable service.

The Cloudflare network is spread across 102 datacenters. It is capable of handling more than 10 TBps and copes with all known types of attacks.

Cloudflare provides a 24-hour emergency service, which can be used during the attack.

This service offers comprehensive protection against attacks of various types. Customers may select between on-demand and always-on types of service, which is very convenient.

For now, the Incapsula network consists of 32 datacenters and offers 3 TBps (Read more...)

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