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The Journey to an Intelligent SOC

You CAN Get There From Here
In the RSA intelligent SOC blog series, we’ve examined the characteristics that make a SOC intelligent. An intelligent SOC can be the cornerstone of your organization’s broader effort to manage digital risk.

An intelligent SOC holistically integrates all security tools and activities, positioning an organization to defend against the most sophisticated threats and determined adversaries. This approach is powered by an evolved SIEM, which combines comprehensive visibility, advanced analytics, and rich orchestration and automation capabilities, and extends the value of security with two-way support for the business and risk inputs that drive organizational strategy.  An intelligent SOC makes your organization better at detecting and responding to threats, in less time, while driving maximum value from all your security investments in people, process, and technology.

Of course, the wide variation in SOC styles and maturity makes it difficult to position a single approach as right for everyone. For many CISOs and SOC managers, the principles of the intelligent SOC remain aspirational. While it would be great to have – and to reap all the benefits – there are fires to put out today, and planning, budgeting and evaluation processes required when considering changes in security.

In this sense, it’s a journey for the organization aspiring to achieve an intelligent SOC end state. Which makes sense….just think how much your SOC (and the overall threat landscape) has evolved over the past five years.

So, how does your journey look? You’re probably farther along (Read more...)

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