Sysg.exe Coin Miner Virus – What Is It + How to Remove It

This article has been created in order to explain what exactly is the sysg.exe miner virus and how you can remove it and prevent it from using your computer to mine for cryptocurrencies.

A miner malware, using the sysg.exe process to take an enormous ammount of the CPU and GPU power of the infected computers by it was recently detected by cybersecurity researchers. The virus may be a part of the Monero miner viruses, using the Cryptonight mining algorithm and is believed to have other malicious funcions as well. In the event hat your computer has been affected by the sysg.exe coin miner malware, we advise that you read the following article. It aims to help you remove this malware effectively and secure your computer completely.

Threat Summary

Namesysg.exe Miner Virus
TypeCoin Miner Trojan
Short DescriptionTurns your computer into a cryptocurrency miner.
SymptomsSlow PC performance. The process sysg.exe running actively and starting automatically without any user in Windows Task Manager.
Distribution MethodVia malicious e-mail attachments or via fake setups of software.
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Sysg.exe Malware – How Did I Get It

The main method of having this nefarious software installed on your computer is if you have been tricked into believing it is a legitimate file and opened it yourself. The cyber-criminals use different methods in order to get victims to open such files. The most often used method is when they upload the file online and it pretends to be a legitimate:

  • Installer of a program.
  • A program.
  • Software patch.
  • Key generator.
  • Crack.
  • Software license activator.

In addition to this, some (Read more...)

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