Svchost.exe *32 Miner Virus (100% CPU) – How to Remove It

This article has been created in order to explain to you what is the svchost.exe *32 miner process and how to remove it from your computer completely.

The svchost.exe *32 miner virus is the type of malware which uses malicious code that is injected in the svchost.exe service host process in Windows. In case you see this process taking up almost all of your CPU’s power, you most likely have become a victim of this miner malware. The svchost.exe *32 miner is also the type of malware whose primary purpose is to generate cryptocurrency tokens from some of the cryptocurrencies that are anonymous, such as Monero or BitCoin and even ZCash. If you see the svchost.exe *32 miner running active on your computer, we advise you to learn how to remove it from your PC completely without damaging Windows, preferably by using the information in this article.

Threat Summary

Namesvchost.exe *32 Miner
TypeMiner Malware
Short DescriptionInjects malicious code into the legitimate svchost.exe process of Windows in order to use your CPU and GPU to mine for cryptocurrencies.
SymptomsYour computer starts to perform extremely slow and may even freeze at times.
Distribution MethodVia malicious e-mail attachments, malicious web links or files, posing as legitimate setups.
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svchost.exe *32 Miner Malware – Spread

The miner malware which has been associated with the svchost.exe *32 has been reported by security researchers to perform a variety of different activities on the computers of victims, which lead to the successful infection of them. They start with the distribution of the malware onto computers, (Read more...)

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